Monday, January 13, 2020

Meeting Summary 11/12/2020

  • We reflected on the Computer Science career fair that took place during winter break. We talked about the next career fair, which is still undecided. We might invite professor Liu from CSUN if we can for the next time, but in the future, we might invite guest speakers (high school students, college students, professors, etc) to talk to us via Skype or FaceTime. If people have fields they are particularly interested, they should inform Holly.
  • We talked about raising funds for Youth Group. Holly, Authur, and other people are selling couplets (for Spring Festival) and magic show tickets. Andie is selling original products (badges, charms, postcards, stickers) for her club within her school. If any Youth Group member is interested in “contracting for” the selling of these products, Andie will provide them with the products and any profit (earned by Youth Group members) will go to Youth Group.
  • If the Robotics program for elementary school students led by Prof Liu is actually going to happen (which we aren’t sure yet), Alex will be in charge of arranging it. Currently, he is trying to contact Prof Liu for more information. 
  • We plan to start some monthly literature discussion sessions, inspired by Holly and Authur. We want to have everyone free to choose the book they want to read, so what we do in the discussion will be that each of us summarizes their book, shares their thoughts and the reason they recommend/don’t recommend it. The discussions will be very liberal, and people can always extend their discussion about a single interesting thought/theme mentioned, which we believe will be meaningful. 

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