Friday, September 13, 2019

Youth Group Time Line

Sep 14th, 2019:  SFVCCA Youth Group officially announced to the community that it is up and running!  This date is one day after the Chinese Mid autumn festival. We would like to make this day as anniversary day for youth group,

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Meeting Minutes 9/8/19

Meeting Minutes 9/8/19 

Documented by: Alex Lu
Duration: 8:15 am to 9:00 am   
Participants: Alex Lu, Holly Wang, Aaron Du, Olivia Zhao, Eric Wang, Wendy Shen

9/14/19 Meeting Agenda (5:00 to 5:30)

From 4:00 to 5:00, each officer is recommended to bring some easy games to play with kids


  1. Eric: starts off the meeting and speaks about the youth group (1 minute)
  2. Po (何寶輝): SFVCCA Current present (1 minute)
  3. Wil Lang (朗果偉): Health Club 社長 (3 minutes)
  4. Jack Chen (陳梓湖Heritage Foundation 主任委員 (30 seconds)
  5. Travor Introduce Chiffany Shi, Art/craft teacher for youth group and she will have a few projects on display. She prefers not to give speech. 
  6. Chang Li, will introduce herself as the parent representative (3 minutes)

  1. Each officer/board member will introduce themselves and what they expect out of this youth group 
  2. Alex/ Andie will introduce the different activities we have scheduled 
  3. Arthur will read a thank you note to everyone for their contributions to this youth group.
  4. There will be a Q&A session from the parents  
  5. Summary: Someone will ask for support families for donation (Trevor?) Because we don’t have all the financial kinks sorted out, for now, we will ask for contact information from parents interested in donating. As of now, the goal is that each family will donate around 100-200 dollars to the group in the future. 

Social Media   

  • As of now, Holly is still working on the website. There are still some issues with the wording that will be fixed and the activities list will be added soon. 
  • For now, we will be using Andie’s banner but in the future, we can hold a banner contest along with a logo contest. 
  • Before the 9/14 parent meeting, please review the website. Put something on the blog regarding what you’ve done in the youth group so far. 
  • Please note that everything regarding our social media and internet usage must go through the board or some form of review. A checks-and-balances system must be established but here are a few things to note:
    • There must be someone who approves our changes to the website or social media. This person is hopefully going to be an advisor 
    • Our Youtube channel must be tightly controlled in order to prevent legal issues regarding music, content, etc. 
    • Release forms (like media release) are required 


  • At the moment, the SFVCCA is a bit hesitant to pay for the internet at the SFVCCA facilities. As a result, it is possible that we may have to raise our own funds. 
  • For now, we need a site survey regarding internet usage. We must figure out what we will be using the internet for when we will be using the internet, and where on the facilities will the internet be used. This will allow for easier planning.  
  • Holly is currently working on a set of media usage rules as there must be guidelines on how we use the internet.

Youth Group Structure
  • We need a method to document service hours. This can be through some sort of database or a Google Survey that we can use to ensure that each participant has their hours logged. 
  • An accountant or treasurer is required to tell us the expenses regarding our youth group for transparency and future reference. 

Friday, September 6, 2019

Meeting Minutes: 9/1/2019

Meeting Minutes: 9/1/2019
Attendances: Arthur, Olivia, Aaron, Trevor, Holly, Change
Minutes recorded by Arthur Sun
New member, Aaron Du, joins the youth council.
Email Accounts
-        Discussing the usage of the accounts for the youth council. Holly suggests that the be used to host more formal/internal documents and contents. Instead, should be used for the general information, such as the blog and other content.
-        It is now official, will be used to host more formal/internal documents and contents. Instead, Is used to host the Facebook, blog, and zoom accounts.
CACA parent meeting
-        There is going to be a 20 minute presentation talking about the youth group. Here, we want to give a presentation about the youth group, allowing for the people to get an understanding of the youth group.
-        Here, the SFVCCA also plans to host the moon cake festival and so on.
-        IN this presentation, we plan to give a general presentation about the youth council, telling people all about the youth council, the activities we have planned, and thanking all of the people who were involved in the creation of the youth group.
-        Afterwords, the youth group presentation will be handed off to Eric, Po, and Jack in order to see what they want to say.

Parent Lecture Series
-        First lecture, CSUN librarian talking about how to write a college essay. This will be hosted in late September, and will be around 1 hour long, with time for question.
-        This series will be run by Holly, May, and Aaron’s mom.
Field Trips
-        Currently, we plan to host no field trips, because there is a worry for liability insurance as we currently have an event planed.
Liability Insurance
-        Already a fully functional google forms page. We can also link to a file to the liability waiver forms in full detail.
-        Will test this out in the first lecture series.

Community Event
-        This is an event that we can host with CACAYC, which we can get to come here and host events to have more events. Also, we will host events with the various Chinese youth clubs in Cleveland and Granada High Schools.
-        This event will be hosted every two weeks and will have various fun and games for the community gatherings.
Chinese Festival Table
-        While in discussion with the Chinese School PTA, it was discovered that the chair wanted to host a table that could be used for fundraising. The tables/booths that were suggested were the Calligraphy table, and the tea table.

Awareness to community
-        Once we advertise to the community, more and more people will be inclined to come. However, this will completely tie us up in terms of workload and other instances.
-        Holly emphasizes that we can’t say yes to all of the events that are offered and that we plan to host.
-        Holly highlights need to have a working banner, as well as a proper flyer in order to operate and advertise our youth group.
-        The website is hosted at wordy, and currently, we do not have a proper email working device. However, at this time, we will temporarily use the website.

Action items for next week
-        (Trevor)Logo and club involvements
-        (Aaron, Olivia, and Trevor) Forms on the membership and Liability insurance
-        Olivia will work on the logo
-        Will create new blog, which will have all the meeting minutes on there

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

April 5th, 2019
Eric Wang


1. Project Background and Description
SFVCCA is a not-for-profit community group with objectives to provide education, services, and programs to its
members with emphasis on facilitating awareness and appreciation of Chinese culture. Members of the association (Note: CACAYC)
recently received scholarships from the Roland Reagan Presidential Library to conduct a program that may benefit
the community. This program is to benefit not only the Chinese American community but also the community as a
whole. SFVCCA members requested that its Board of Directors and Officers to recommend one project that may
meet the scholarship requirement.

After careful consideration, SFVCCA recommends that this project is to establish a youth community group under
the advisory of SFVCCA Board to assist the efforts of SFVCCA in achieving its objectives. Project members should
establish, recruit, and promote this organization as well as become the first members.
One of the primary reasons for this proposal is that a youth community organization may create long term and
continuing benefits to the community just as SFVCCA has successfully been doing so for many decades. This youth
organization will carry the missions and objectives of SFVCCA and not only to bring awareness of Chinese culture
but also allowing youth opportunities to learn and participate in leadership roles and team work. Youth will learn
about Chinese culture and community roles while enjoying a sense of belonging via fun activities and events.

2. Project Scope
Project scope is to establish a youth community group as a subsidiary organization of SFVCCA. This new
organization should create its own set of bylaws and objectives with primary goals in tuned with those of SFVCCA.
Project success is defined as the following:
• Successful and formal creation of this youth group.
• Delivery of a comprehensive plan to promote and recruit for the organization.
• Activities plan for the next calendar year along with a three-year activities and growth plan.

3. Deliverables
Team is to prepare the following deliverables:
• Plan to establish the youth community group; Successful execution of above plan.
• Organization Bylaws / Constitution / Mission
• Plans to promote and recruit for the organization
• Activities plans for one and three years

4. Implementation Plan
Here are some high level recommendations to start this group.
Explore ideas for the group -
1. Identify adult advisor(s)
2. Identify location/meeting place for the group

Recruiting Members –
1. Let friends know about the group
2. Advertise in public places
3. Announcements at team members’ schools and friends

Organize –
1. Decide on organizational structure
2. Plan first meeting and meet
3. Setup communication method. How do team members communicate to each other and to advisor(s)

Continuing Plans –
1. Plan good and fun events
2. Delegate

5. High-Level Timeline/Schedule
Team to decide on a timeline for this project

We approve the project as described above, and authorize the team to proceed.
Name Title Date
Po Ho President, SFVCCA 

Approved By Date Approved By Date

Meeting Minutes 8/25/19

Meeting Minutes 8/25/19

Attendances: Eric, Holly, Lan, Olivia, Arthur, Trevor, Alex, Andie Liu Minutes Keeper: Alex Board Meeting Summary
  • Youth Group is now officialized. 
  • We should be able to use the Roscoe house. There are still some legal issues that still need to be worked out in terms of things like insurance. 

Student Officer Ladder
  • Because we want our group to last longer, we need a student officer ladder that incorporates both high schoolers and middle schoolers. For example, sixth graders and seventh graders will be involved in meetings. There should be student officers and general members. By eighth grade and ninth grade, students can officially become student officers. By twelfth grade, highschoolers can be more involved. 
    • Tiers of boards with the lower grades and the higher grades such as a junior board and senior board. Have representation but don’t make it too big. 
    • How should each member transition from board to board as they get older.
    • Because we are currently a small group, we should have a small, combined board.
    • The board has the ability to override the decisions of the advisors. In time, the group should be self dependent and will be able to vote for its advisors and trustees. 
  • We welcome anybody willing to join. However, for particular activities, there might be some age limits.

Activities List
  • When planning things. Take into consideration of your school schedule. For the most part, keep a schedule. 
  • During the school semester, it might be better to keep the amount of activities to a minimum to work with the schedules of students. 
  • Send out Olivia’s flyer to the Chinese school to recruit more members. Establish a way for members to join. Activities or privileges will be required to encourage people to join.
  • When the school has events on holidays such as Halloween, we might be able to help them out. Try to encourage the smaller kids to participate in the activities.   
  • Have different types of activities and understand the requirements for each activity.  
  • The youth group can work with CACAYC to host different events. Family friendly activities such as fruit picking are encouraged.  
  • For activities that require rides, we should not organize carpools for liability issues. 
  • Fundraisers in partnership with local businesses.  
  • Establishing social media and building up our website is still a priority 
    • Our website should keep the main message of the primary SFVCCA website while still advertising to the target audience. 
  • When designing things, keep SFVCCA politics in mind as they prefer traditional mandarin. If you have time, make it multilingual (simplified).

Fundraising-Subject to Change
  • A group of musicians may be performing at CSUN. We can fundraise at the event by inviting people to the event or selling things at the event.   

  • Communication should be transparent not only between our members but with the board members as well.  
  • Things like meeting minutes should be documented especially on a place like a website to show that we’ve done the work. 

Final Notes/Next Meeting 

  • We need to send out flyers and start working on our social media as well as our website. 
  • Finalize Google Forms for sign up 
  • Rephrasing Holly’s packet. 

Meeting Minutes 8/9/2019

Meeting Minutes 8/9/2019
Attendances: Eric, Holly, Lan, Arthur, Trevor, Alex, Olivia

Minutes keeper: Arthur Sun

  1. Eric would like to want a membership list. Notes that there is interest in this Youth Council
  2. Holly is willing to host a moon cake fundraising event, to raise money for this facility. Also would like to state that the adults and youth should be on separate portals after the foundation for the youth council is properly established.
  3. A google forms list project is in order to make it easier for future participating members to join in. 
  4. Bylaws are done, so that is not an priority.
  5. Youth Council’s primary audience should be primarily middle school and high school students, however, the events hosted by the youth council can be open to all ages, we just need to have clear communication.
  6. DocuSign is another platform that we are able to use to tackle official waivers and insurance papers.
  7. Eric would like to create some google forms to help members of SFVCCA join.
  8. A universal newsletter would be extremely recommended, as a common complaint about the SFVCCA is that the communication of the council is not effective at all. This newsletter is supposed to cover all aspects of the SFVCCA. However, this is still a work in progress, as some of the members positions are still unknown.
  9. The next step for this youth council, should be to set up a website, communication network, and to distribute the bylaws and the poster.
  10. Eric strongly recommends that the youth council be about establishing a network of peers and friends to help one another navigate the various challenge they might face.
  11. Another important aspect is to independently organize a project, and to set up a Facebook group to smoothly recommend people to this program. Eric also states that it is important to set up a photo shoot of future members.
  12. Timeline of this program will be established, to give us a plan and action items for each member. 

NEXT STEP: Trevor will establish all of the social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and other social media apps. This will be important in establishing new members, and this will be a generic contact info. We also need our information organized and aligned, as we need to have an organized message. A organized paragraph and message that is translated into Chinese to tell members of SFVCCA. We should also seek the establishment of a universal newsletter for the SFVCCA in entirety.

Social Media Platforms
Finding New members
Make a paragraph for the basic ideas to the SFVCCA

Establish Newsletters.