Sunday, September 8, 2019

Meeting Minutes 9/8/19

Meeting Minutes 9/8/19 

Documented by: Alex Lu
Duration: 8:15 am to 9:00 am   
Participants: Alex Lu, Holly Wang, Aaron Du, Olivia Zhao, Eric Wang, Wendy Shen

9/14/19 Meeting Agenda (5:00 to 5:30)

From 4:00 to 5:00, each officer is recommended to bring some easy games to play with kids


  1. Eric: starts off the meeting and speaks about the youth group (1 minute)
  2. Po (何寶輝): SFVCCA Current present (1 minute)
  3. Wil Lang (朗果偉): Health Club 社長 (3 minutes)
  4. Jack Chen (陳梓湖Heritage Foundation 主任委員 (30 seconds)
  5. Travor Introduce Chiffany Shi, Art/craft teacher for youth group and she will have a few projects on display. She prefers not to give speech. 
  6. Chang Li, will introduce herself as the parent representative (3 minutes)

  1. Each officer/board member will introduce themselves and what they expect out of this youth group 
  2. Alex/ Andie will introduce the different activities we have scheduled 
  3. Arthur will read a thank you note to everyone for their contributions to this youth group.
  4. There will be a Q&A session from the parents  
  5. Summary: Someone will ask for support families for donation (Trevor?) Because we don’t have all the financial kinks sorted out, for now, we will ask for contact information from parents interested in donating. As of now, the goal is that each family will donate around 100-200 dollars to the group in the future. 

Social Media   

  • As of now, Holly is still working on the website. There are still some issues with the wording that will be fixed and the activities list will be added soon. 
  • For now, we will be using Andie’s banner but in the future, we can hold a banner contest along with a logo contest. 
  • Before the 9/14 parent meeting, please review the website. Put something on the blog regarding what you’ve done in the youth group so far. 
  • Please note that everything regarding our social media and internet usage must go through the board or some form of review. A checks-and-balances system must be established but here are a few things to note:
    • There must be someone who approves our changes to the website or social media. This person is hopefully going to be an advisor 
    • Our Youtube channel must be tightly controlled in order to prevent legal issues regarding music, content, etc. 
    • Release forms (like media release) are required 


  • At the moment, the SFVCCA is a bit hesitant to pay for the internet at the SFVCCA facilities. As a result, it is possible that we may have to raise our own funds. 
  • For now, we need a site survey regarding internet usage. We must figure out what we will be using the internet for when we will be using the internet, and where on the facilities will the internet be used. This will allow for easier planning.  
  • Holly is currently working on a set of media usage rules as there must be guidelines on how we use the internet.

Youth Group Structure
  • We need a method to document service hours. This can be through some sort of database or a Google Survey that we can use to ensure that each participant has their hours logged. 
  • An accountant or treasurer is required to tell us the expenses regarding our youth group for transparency and future reference. 

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