Friday, September 6, 2019

Meeting Minutes: 9/1/2019

Meeting Minutes: 9/1/2019
Attendances: Arthur, Olivia, Aaron, Trevor, Holly, Change
Minutes recorded by Arthur Sun
New member, Aaron Du, joins the youth council.
Email Accounts
-        Discussing the usage of the accounts for the youth council. Holly suggests that the be used to host more formal/internal documents and contents. Instead, should be used for the general information, such as the blog and other content.
-        It is now official, will be used to host more formal/internal documents and contents. Instead, Is used to host the Facebook, blog, and zoom accounts.
CACA parent meeting
-        There is going to be a 20 minute presentation talking about the youth group. Here, we want to give a presentation about the youth group, allowing for the people to get an understanding of the youth group.
-        Here, the SFVCCA also plans to host the moon cake festival and so on.
-        IN this presentation, we plan to give a general presentation about the youth council, telling people all about the youth council, the activities we have planned, and thanking all of the people who were involved in the creation of the youth group.
-        Afterwords, the youth group presentation will be handed off to Eric, Po, and Jack in order to see what they want to say.

Parent Lecture Series
-        First lecture, CSUN librarian talking about how to write a college essay. This will be hosted in late September, and will be around 1 hour long, with time for question.
-        This series will be run by Holly, May, and Aaron’s mom.
Field Trips
-        Currently, we plan to host no field trips, because there is a worry for liability insurance as we currently have an event planed.
Liability Insurance
-        Already a fully functional google forms page. We can also link to a file to the liability waiver forms in full detail.
-        Will test this out in the first lecture series.

Community Event
-        This is an event that we can host with CACAYC, which we can get to come here and host events to have more events. Also, we will host events with the various Chinese youth clubs in Cleveland and Granada High Schools.
-        This event will be hosted every two weeks and will have various fun and games for the community gatherings.
Chinese Festival Table
-        While in discussion with the Chinese School PTA, it was discovered that the chair wanted to host a table that could be used for fundraising. The tables/booths that were suggested were the Calligraphy table, and the tea table.

Awareness to community
-        Once we advertise to the community, more and more people will be inclined to come. However, this will completely tie us up in terms of workload and other instances.
-        Holly emphasizes that we can’t say yes to all of the events that are offered and that we plan to host.
-        Holly highlights need to have a working banner, as well as a proper flyer in order to operate and advertise our youth group.
-        The website is hosted at wordy, and currently, we do not have a proper email working device. However, at this time, we will temporarily use the website.

Action items for next week
-        (Trevor)Logo and club involvements
-        (Aaron, Olivia, and Trevor) Forms on the membership and Liability insurance
-        Olivia will work on the logo
-        Will create new blog, which will have all the meeting minutes on there

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