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Meeting Minutes 8/25/19

Meeting Minutes 8/25/19

Attendances: Eric, Holly, Lan, Olivia, Arthur, Trevor, Alex, Andie Liu Minutes Keeper: Alex Board Meeting Summary
  • Youth Group is now officialized. 
  • We should be able to use the Roscoe house. There are still some legal issues that still need to be worked out in terms of things like insurance. 

Student Officer Ladder
  • Because we want our group to last longer, we need a student officer ladder that incorporates both high schoolers and middle schoolers. For example, sixth graders and seventh graders will be involved in meetings. There should be student officers and general members. By eighth grade and ninth grade, students can officially become student officers. By twelfth grade, highschoolers can be more involved. 
    • Tiers of boards with the lower grades and the higher grades such as a junior board and senior board. Have representation but don’t make it too big. 
    • How should each member transition from board to board as they get older.
    • Because we are currently a small group, we should have a small, combined board.
    • The board has the ability to override the decisions of the advisors. In time, the group should be self dependent and will be able to vote for its advisors and trustees. 
  • We welcome anybody willing to join. However, for particular activities, there might be some age limits.

Activities List
  • When planning things. Take into consideration of your school schedule. For the most part, keep a schedule. 
  • During the school semester, it might be better to keep the amount of activities to a minimum to work with the schedules of students. 
  • Send out Olivia’s flyer to the Chinese school to recruit more members. Establish a way for members to join. Activities or privileges will be required to encourage people to join.
  • When the school has events on holidays such as Halloween, we might be able to help them out. Try to encourage the smaller kids to participate in the activities.   
  • Have different types of activities and understand the requirements for each activity.  
  • The youth group can work with CACAYC to host different events. Family friendly activities such as fruit picking are encouraged.  
  • For activities that require rides, we should not organize carpools for liability issues. 
  • Fundraisers in partnership with local businesses.  
  • Establishing social media and building up our website is still a priority 
    • Our website should keep the main message of the primary SFVCCA website while still advertising to the target audience. 
  • When designing things, keep SFVCCA politics in mind as they prefer traditional mandarin. If you have time, make it multilingual (simplified).

Fundraising-Subject to Change
  • A group of musicians may be performing at CSUN. We can fundraise at the event by inviting people to the event or selling things at the event.   

  • Communication should be transparent not only between our members but with the board members as well.  
  • Things like meeting minutes should be documented especially on a place like a website to show that we’ve done the work. 

Final Notes/Next Meeting 

  • We need to send out flyers and start working on our social media as well as our website. 
  • Finalize Google Forms for sign up 
  • Rephrasing Holly’s packet. 

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