Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Project planning documents

Date July 11th
Trevor Trinh <trinhtrevor@gmail.com>
To:Holly Wang,jthchen930@yahoo.com, po.ho@sfvcca.org
Cc:May Wu,
Hello All,
My name is Trevor Trinh, president of the CACAYC. We’ve read your proposition to form a youth group for the SFVCCA and we are excited to help you reach that goal!
For the actual activities of the youth group, in line with your vision, we would like to create a fun and productive environment for the youth members to learn about Chinese culture. In order to reach this goal, we hope to incorporate different activities that will build strong bonds between members while simultaneously strengthening understanding about Chinese culture. This newly formed youth group will also focus on projects related to spreading and teaching different elements of Chinese culture to our home - The San Fernando Valley. We already have a few ideas in place for meeting location, activities, and bylaws; however, we need some help.
To make any of this possible, we need cooperation from the SFVCCA.
We ask that the SFVCCA designates an adult affiliated with the SFVCCA to help supervise future meetings hosted by the youth group. This is a large but very necessary investment of time for the success of the youth group. This adult would facilitate good communication between the youth group and the rest of the SFVCCA.
Possibly more important than the advisor, a youth group needs members! To have the first pioneering members, we also ask that the SFVCCA selects students from its members who are passionate and capable of being a part of the youth group. Please provide us with a list of their contact information (name,email, phone number, parent name, parent email)  in order to work in a joint effort to bring this group to life.
Only after we have these guarantees can we begin our work.
Our vision is to have the youth group at the SFVCCA as a place for fun, friendship, bonding, and learning. We’ve envisioned the potential of a cultural learning center and we know how to get there. The CACAYC will focus its efforts on internships, community service, etc and shifting our cultural projects to the SFVCCA. As we work together, we hope that the people of both programs develop deep friendships with each other that carry far into life. We fully believe in “Work hard, play hard” and hope the SFVCCAYC and CACAYC can be the epicenter of thus in our valley.
We look forward to working with and co founding the new youth group for the SFVCCA. Please find from your organization a suitable adult and founding member and we will take it from there. You can count on our team, thank you for your time!
If there are any questions or comments, please send them our way and we will try our best to respond as soon as possible.
Best Wishes,Trevor Trinh
07/11/ 2019

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