Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Meeting Minutes for July 2019

Meeting Date: July 21 Attendance: Holly, Eric, Trevor, Alex, Arthur Notes: each attendance did self introduction and this is the very first meeting for youth group. ============================================================================= Meeting Date: 7/28/2019 Attendance: Holly, Eric, Trevor, Alex, Arthur Note keeper: Arthur

  • Need to figure out Mission Statement
    • Could be a short statement, and is mostly a generic statement/general description about the group, so that the group is more centralized.
  • Would like to have it be primarily student run, but adults need to help found the group
  • Need to set up by policies and procedures for the group, which is essentially about how the group is organized.
    • These include projects, requirements, and how it is organized. 
    • Membership is an important goal of this program. It should be established after the youth group already is established.
    • Policies should cover all aspects, such as ethical, medical, and social aspects of the program. For instance, if people are involved in a fight, the policies for stopping such a fight should be listed in the policies.
    • The procedures should be based around the meeting ideals, but also should decide how the meetings are run, how decisions are made, etc.
    • Make sure that organization is as transparent as possible, so that people outside of the organization can be knowledgeable as to how it is run.
    • Safety for girls, should be crucial, as many parent’s worry about that specific aspect. A suggestion is like a buddy system.
    • It is recommended to look at mission statements and bylaws by other organizations, as there is no need to reinvent the wheel.
    • SFVCCA hopes that the youth council is primarily youth run, instead of parent run.
    • Another aspect should also focus on the age group impacted by the program, like people below 10 should be attended by a guardian, and so on.
  • Eric encourages a freedom for everyone to come in, no matter the culture or religion of the p erson. However, SFVCCA would encourage some way for the youth group to allow for the expansion of SFVCCA. This is also important for the meeting statement, as the mission statement will be crucial in this decision making aspect.
  • Youth Group should not be strict and really should be open to everyone, but we need to encourage the participation of SFVCCA.
  • Holly encourages that the youth council be self-funded, and to do that, we should focus on the smaller events, instead of the larger events for fundraising. 
  • Eric wants the program to establish longtime friendship, so it should be welcoming. A way to encourage this is to have clear communication, to have greater feedback.
    • One of the reasons why this is mentioned, is that SFVCCA has a problem of communication.
  • Another thing is how are we going to recruit the members, as we can’t rely only on 5 people to do the job.
  • Eric recommends that after 20 or so members are established, a “ice breaker” event is organized. This should provide an example for the newer members of the committee to see how the organization works, and how it is based around. An event should be like a Food Packing organization, where people get together and pack food, and would encourage greater socialization among members.
  • One of the main projects, is to establish a game, audio, room. This should be the first project put forth by the organization, and focus on the fun. Another thing, is that there should be no restrictions what so ever on gameplay, or movie/screen time. 
  • Another project is an art class that will be established. The teacher is willing to work free of charge, and there is already a student willing to attend. The class will focus for on the crafts and material aspect of the arts and crafts class.
    • There are a wide variety of projects for people to participate in, such as bag making, book making, and other activities.
    • These projects could also be sold for fundraising as well, to raise money for the organization.

Meeting Date: July 30 Attendance: Lan, Eric, Trevor, Alex, Notes: Lan briefly talked about how important to line up the important activities event for the coming year.

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