Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Meeting Minutes 8/9/2019

Meeting Minutes 8/9/2019
Attendances: Eric, Holly, Lan, Arthur, Trevor, Alex, Olivia

Minutes keeper: Arthur Sun

  1. Eric would like to want a membership list. Notes that there is interest in this Youth Council
  2. Holly is willing to host a moon cake fundraising event, to raise money for this facility. Also would like to state that the adults and youth should be on separate portals after the foundation for the youth council is properly established.
  3. A google forms list project is in order to make it easier for future participating members to join in. 
  4. Bylaws are done, so that is not an priority.
  5. Youth Council’s primary audience should be primarily middle school and high school students, however, the events hosted by the youth council can be open to all ages, we just need to have clear communication.
  6. DocuSign is another platform that we are able to use to tackle official waivers and insurance papers.
  7. Eric would like to create some google forms to help members of SFVCCA join.
  8. A universal newsletter would be extremely recommended, as a common complaint about the SFVCCA is that the communication of the council is not effective at all. This newsletter is supposed to cover all aspects of the SFVCCA. However, this is still a work in progress, as some of the members positions are still unknown.
  9. The next step for this youth council, should be to set up a website, communication network, and to distribute the bylaws and the poster.
  10. Eric strongly recommends that the youth council be about establishing a network of peers and friends to help one another navigate the various challenge they might face.
  11. Another important aspect is to independently organize a project, and to set up a Facebook group to smoothly recommend people to this program. Eric also states that it is important to set up a photo shoot of future members.
  12. Timeline of this program will be established, to give us a plan and action items for each member. 

NEXT STEP: Trevor will establish all of the social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and other social media apps. This will be important in establishing new members, and this will be a generic contact info. We also need our information organized and aligned, as we need to have an organized message. A organized paragraph and message that is translated into Chinese to tell members of SFVCCA. We should also seek the establishment of a universal newsletter for the SFVCCA in entirety.

Social Media Platforms
Finding New members
Make a paragraph for the basic ideas to the SFVCCA

Establish Newsletters.

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