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April 5th, 2019
Eric Wang


1. Project Background and Description
SFVCCA is a not-for-profit community group with objectives to provide education, services, and programs to its
members with emphasis on facilitating awareness and appreciation of Chinese culture. Members of the association (Note: CACAYC)
recently received scholarships from the Roland Reagan Presidential Library to conduct a program that may benefit
the community. This program is to benefit not only the Chinese American community but also the community as a
whole. SFVCCA members requested that its Board of Directors and Officers to recommend one project that may
meet the scholarship requirement.

After careful consideration, SFVCCA recommends that this project is to establish a youth community group under
the advisory of SFVCCA Board to assist the efforts of SFVCCA in achieving its objectives. Project members should
establish, recruit, and promote this organization as well as become the first members.
One of the primary reasons for this proposal is that a youth community organization may create long term and
continuing benefits to the community just as SFVCCA has successfully been doing so for many decades. This youth
organization will carry the missions and objectives of SFVCCA and not only to bring awareness of Chinese culture
but also allowing youth opportunities to learn and participate in leadership roles and team work. Youth will learn
about Chinese culture and community roles while enjoying a sense of belonging via fun activities and events.

2. Project Scope
Project scope is to establish a youth community group as a subsidiary organization of SFVCCA. This new
organization should create its own set of bylaws and objectives with primary goals in tuned with those of SFVCCA.
Project success is defined as the following:
• Successful and formal creation of this youth group.
• Delivery of a comprehensive plan to promote and recruit for the organization.
• Activities plan for the next calendar year along with a three-year activities and growth plan.

3. Deliverables
Team is to prepare the following deliverables:
• Plan to establish the youth community group; Successful execution of above plan.
• Organization Bylaws / Constitution / Mission
• Plans to promote and recruit for the organization
• Activities plans for one and three years

4. Implementation Plan
Here are some high level recommendations to start this group.
Explore ideas for the group -
1. Identify adult advisor(s)
2. Identify location/meeting place for the group

Recruiting Members –
1. Let friends know about the group
2. Advertise in public places
3. Announcements at team members’ schools and friends

Organize –
1. Decide on organizational structure
2. Plan first meeting and meet
3. Setup communication method. How do team members communicate to each other and to advisor(s)

Continuing Plans –
1. Plan good and fun events
2. Delegate

5. High-Level Timeline/Schedule
Team to decide on a timeline for this project

We approve the project as described above, and authorize the team to proceed.
Name Title Date
Po Ho President, SFVCCA 

Approved By Date Approved By Date

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